Longford Networking has been working in and around Rockland County for many years with many types of businesses.  If you have worked in an office in the last few decades, you know the value of a trusted technology team.  Longford Networking focuses primarily on Networking and computer repair and have satisfied clients in and around West Haverstraw that people help stay successful.  At Longford Networking we pride ourselves on knowing the technology inside and out and making it work for your company.  We realize how to keep your business running well while your systems are being mended or upgraded.

We provide a mixture of services that could keep your company up to your technological requirements.  From assessments to upgrades and installations, we could possibly be the technology team that your business needs in order to keep being successful.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  •         Networking/cabling
  •         Data Recovery
  •         Website Design
  •         Programming
  •         Backups
  •         Server and desktop upgrade or replacement
  •         Remote and on-site support