About Longford Networking

Longford networking computer repair business based in Pomona, New York that has been in business since 1992. We are proud to say that our average technician dispatched on service calls as an average of 20+ years experience doing computer repairs, networking, programming and web design.

Over the years Longford networking has come to stand for what is missing in the IT industry. Nowadays we see that there are several fly-by-night companies popping up with poor quality technicians, in experienced desktop support and worst of all working under bad payment terms. We feel that managed services model, where companies pay a set monthly fee for the number of computers in their office is a poor decision for most small medium-size business. Our billing process is simple – time and materials.

Our ownership with their top level experience in fields like SEO and data recovery our industry champions who have written in and then included in several books and magazine articles.

We offer our clients the services they need: search engine optimization services to their websites actually get traffic and new customers, we also offer fully manage WordPress hosting for clients websites so they can automatically take care of updates and malware scans

When we saw that our clients needed more backup options we provided the largest suite of backup services possible: local, remote, virtualization, universal bare-metal, and replication our comments even our smallest customers.

As you can see we have attention to detail and we put ourselves in the customer shoes. We don’t overcharge don’t trap people into bed contracts and we don’t charge when we don’t get results. This is led to the ability of our company to withstand many competitive challenges and remain strong 26 years later.